My point of view to AKB's love scandle


What's AKB48

AKB48 is one of the most popular girls band in Japan. Produced by a famous hit-maker "Yasushi Akimoto", the group that consists of more than 48 members have sold millions of CD in Japan,

AKB48's discipline

 "Do not make any lovers"
This is one of the AKB48's discipline, which has become a controversial topic in Japan nowadays.

What's happened

In the end of Jan 2013, Minami Minegishi (she), a member of AKB48, has gathered people's eye due to her sex scandal which is released by a gossip magazine. The most sensational thing is soon after the scandal released, she punished herself by shaving her hair, completely. She begged people's forgiveness and said that she wanted to stay in her current position as a member of AKB48.

Response to this issue from Europe

Several European media picked up this "weird" issue happened in the far east country. According to them, they literally wonder how this way of one-way apology works out in a society in which there are unforgettable number of fans and audience.

That is not bizarre to Japan and its culture.

Let me write about typical Japanese custom since this scandal issue are quite well-related to "how Japanese people think". In general, Japanese people like the structure of a story which is begun with suffer from extreme difficulty and ended up with achievement. So when someone is punished due to the one's failure, none of us would urge the one try to recover immediately from the situation. We have a belief that we achieve something by overcoming difficulties. This Japanese custom is observable in Japanese documentary films or TV programs. Though I suppose youths in Japan are not having such custom, they would become so once they enter any kind of society that comprises of such dramatic custom.

My point of view

First of all I am neutral for any decision or action that she have and will have taken.
I just felt this was some sort of commercial strategy of AKB48. Or, "propaganda" could be the most well-put word.
In fact Facebook and Twitter were hugely filled with this topic, though certainly concentrated in Japan.

According to the aforementioned Japanese custom, those who reach certain outcome over difficulties would be more rewarded than those who make exactly same outcome but without facing any difficulties. Thus, the process of overcoming difficulties is considered to be "value added". Despite the value added, I personally think that people make better work result if they love their work.

When it comes again to AKB's scandal issue, some people said she was thinking only herself and her career. But I think she tried to made the best possible decision by considering her partner, her

circumstance and finally herself. I suppose she can't think of leaving from AKB48 because she would have been sacrificing herself for her career in the group.

Considering all I mentioned here in this blog article, I'd like to reward her.
I'm not quite familiar with AKB48, though.

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