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(Harutoshi Tanaka)


East Delta University (EDU) is a private university located at Agrabad, in Chittagong, Bangladesh.It received the government's license in 2006 and started its academic operation in February of 2008. East Delta University offers both undergraduate and post graduate programs. The University is approved by the Government of Bangladesh as well the Bangladesh University Grants Commission (UGC) under the private University rules of Bangladesh.

Photo 1: EDU team achieved runner-up position in the celebration of Social Business Day 2012 on June 28, 2012.

What I have experienced in EDU as a Japanese Intern

For 6 months, I have engaged in an internship program in EDU. As I requested the University that I would like to gain knowledge in banking sector and foreign trade, they kindly provided me several opportunities of off-campus training at two commercial banks, a chartered accountancy firm and a leather company situated in Chittagong.

In the meantime, I have taken several lectures held in EDU. All lectures in EDU is conducted in English. Needless to say,all EDU students and of course the faculty members are fluent in English. In addition, EDU students are enthusiastic about participating nation-wide competition such as business contest. I had quite constructive discussion with the team who achieved runner-up position in social business contest organized by Yunus Center. Their young passion made me optimistic towards future of Bangladesh.

Photo 2: Farewell program for Nozomi Shima, a Japanese Intern attached to EDU.

Last but not least, I wholeheartedly appreciate Prof. A. Qaiyum Chowdhury, Dean of EDU and those whom I met in EDU for the dedicated coordination.

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昨年度、経産省/HIDA 海外グローバル人材育成インターンプログラム (現 国際即戦力育成インターンシップ)で、バングラデシュへ6カ月滞在。 現地の企業を訪問する中で、雇用システムを変革すればバングラデシュの 経済成長を促進できるという思いで、現地日本名誉総領事と合資にてIT企業設立。 現在日本からIT業務の受託を行っている。今後、携帯電話求人情報ポータルサイトをバングラデシュで設立予定。