We got 15th on Google search engine ranking !!


It's been a month since we began writing this blog.

This blog has just jumped up to 15th rank on Google search engine when you search "Bangladesh Intern" in Japanese.

Frankly, my aim is to bring this blog up to 1st rank in the same case. As I did internship at Chittagong AOTS Alumni Society, this is the time I return the favor to them. In dertail, by spreading information throgh this blog, I would look to 50 applicants for internship for this year's program. Then, I strongly hope that the friendly relation between Japan and Bangladesh will be strengthened.

Although Grameen Bank and BRAC remain international reputation, METI Global Internship Program are soon going to be the top among them and only provide the interns opportunities to face the reality in Bangladesh.

Last but not least, I appreciate all if you who has ever visited this blog.
Thanks a lot !

高木 昭博
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