Internship host organization (4) CWASA


Writer: Aya Nakazaki (CWASA Intern, 2012)

Chittagong Water supply And Sewerage Authority (CWASA) was established in 1963 by an ordinance promulgated by the erstwhile government of East Pakistan to supply the potable water to the inhabitants of Chittagong city. Present water demand of Chittagong city is estimated at 500,000 square meter per day(hereinafter referred to as”500 MLD”) and CWASA is supplying an average of 219 MLD.

Detail of internship in CWASA

Grasp the structure of CWASA

CWASA can be divided to three department; Engineering, Finance, and Administration.
First I learned about the business outline and about each division’s works and about many water supply projects.
EX)procurement system, accounting system, financial situations, secretary’s and public relation officer’s tasks.

Site inspection

I visited various sites to face the real situation and find out the “Kaizen”point for the improvement of CWASA.
Ex) Water Treatment plant site, Deep Tube Well site, ongoing construction sites, slam area to grasp the situation of water usage, accompany to the surveys related to non revenue water reduction project.

Kaizen(improvement) proposal, final report

I submitted the paper after all the programs had ended. Contents which I had chosen were the current issues in CWASA, in slam area and the system of water supply, by comparing the water supply system of Japan and Bangladesh.

Frankly speaking, you can learn and do whatever you want if you offer.
As for me, I have been interested in the problems of water supply in slam area, so that I managed making the opportunity to visit those areas and had the chance to discuss with the local NGOs and JICA.

高木 昭博
著者: 高木 昭博バングラデシュでオフショア開発を行っています株式会社セームページ:
昨年度、経産省/HIDA 海外グローバル人材育成インターンプログラム (現 国際即戦力育成インターンシップ)で、バングラデシュへ6カ月滞在。 現地の企業を訪問する中で、雇用システムを変革すればバングラデシュの 経済成長を促進できるという思いで、現地日本名誉総領事と合資にてIT企業設立。 現在日本からIT業務の受託を行っている。今後、携帯電話求人情報ポータルサイトをバングラデシュで設立予定。