A Quick Findings on Japanese Website Designing And Development



Experience of working on a Japanese website development is pretty much different than working on a normal website development. The design concepts of a Japanese website is much more different the rest of the world.

As you can see a Japanese websites are bright and colorful and the typography is also different than others. Sometime a normal developer found this more complex for user experience.

But for a Japanese website they call it simplicity and normal.

Here is something that I found during my tasks…

As Japanese is Logographic based language. Which contains a lot of meaning in few characters regarding to other language. It’s become more clustered, clumsy and confusing to read. So they use big font size and non-bold characters with specific margins to give room to breadth for each text and contents in typography.

In Japanese layout you usually sow so many images, image buttons. Language is also the main cause here.

About Japanese art. They have a strong color sense. And they know very well that how to bland color that will attract the attention of the viewer. This is also a cause for the bright color, many images and buttons on Japanese designs. So the designs have to be in highest quality as also the development part need to be strictly maintain the quality of the design.

Images also provide more information than text. So its good ecommerce based website to attract their customers.

About using web-fonts in a Japanese website is not a very good idea at all. Because of non-latin language like Japanese requires thousands of characters in each font. This is pretty much expensive to design and also time consume. And these fonts will take very long to download and loaded on browser. So the designers are use images then display plain-text for small widgets.

This type of design also have a great advantage for old technology like Windows XP and Internet Explorer 6

Mhamudul Hasan
著者: Mhamudul Hasan
PHP Developer