Remote working


In my company only me is working from Bangladesh site as an Engineer. So each day i have to work remotely. Sometimes it creates problem  for mind setting in concentration, communication and also in projects. So we take help of some tools to communicate easily and minimize our problems for remote working.

1) Skype
We usually have our meetings on Skype and pass some files/URL during meeting also share screens to for understanding the requirements easily.

2) Sqwiggle
We use sqwiggle to connect during office time. Live video is going on and we can see each other there and if necessary we can connect instantly. It helps us to connect within a very short time.

3) Google hangout
Sometimes we use google hangout to continue our meting and also we record those meeting (important ones) for future use by google air.

4) Google docs
We keep writing our requirements and plan in google spreadsheet and keep passing among members for updating each one's plan and requirements.

5) icloud
Each one us create icloud calendar and write down "to do" list there of every day and keep working according to that list.

6) chatwork
Every project details and small topics we usually discuss on chawork with different group of members according to projects.



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