Where to get Tailor made suit & MAC


Today I want to introduce two shops in Chittagong.

1. BADO SAHEB (Tailor shop) @ Sanmar Ocean City

Located beside entrance of the parking slot of Sanmar Ocean City (popular shopping mall near GEC circle), A number of customers are coming to BADO SAHEB every day. My fashionable friend is a customer of this shop, so that my colleague and I decided to buy tailored made suit for the first time in my life. One tailored made suit costs BDT 14,420 (USD 182). Take a look at the photo below. How do you find these suits they tailored? My colleague and I are quite happy about the finishing.

Furthermore, the seller Mr. Allauddin is quite gentle and provides dedicated customer service. According to him, on the same day we bought suits, one Japanese buyer came to the shop and ordered 6 pieces of shirt.

2. Mac System Solutions (Shop @ Yunusco Center, Office @ Andelklira)

Need to repair your MAC book or buy MAC software? Mac System Solutions will manage whatever about Mac or Apple products. Once they help me out when I get stuck while reinstalling Mac OS on my MAC book. Other than that, they set up desktop PC and sell many kinds of MAC related goods.

高木 昭博
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