Buying Mobile Phone and Unlocking SIM in Chittagon


Today's blog is about
1). "Software Village" Repairing and customizing any kind of mobile and smart phone.
2). An electronic shop at GEC circle

Photo 1: from left to right, Amin, Shah, me and my wife

1). "Software Village"

First shop I'd like to recommend is "Software Village" run by Amin who is a expert in customizing and repairing mobile phone.
Also he manages factory unlock of iPhone and sells "GEVEY" that unlocks iPhone without any programming. The best thing of Amin is his character that is super kind and undoubtedly honest. Since I so much like him, I took my boss to him to find the boss's new smart phone. Although that's not his business, he was helping us chose smart phone and transfer data from old phone to new one. He didn't ask for money at all though he spent about 2 hours for us. I have never ever seen such a sincere guy like Amin. Highly recommended!

Here is the location of his store.

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From an intersection at new market, walk along Jubilee Road to the direction of Chittagong Stadium.
Right after the third BATA (shoes shop), you can see stairs to underground market. Go down the stairs and keep walking straight until the board written "Mobile Phone Hospital". Going up the stairs right next to the board to the ground floor (remember you were once in underground), finally you can see "Software Village" on your left hand side.

If you get confused with my direction, I'm sorry.
You'd better making an appointment with him in advance if you want to visit his store.

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2).  An electronic shop at GEC circle

Do you want to get iPhone case, earphone and such gadgets? Then I recommend this shop. I found this shop when I bought a iPhone case for my wife.  Surprisingly, one of their products was USD 82 nevertheless of its selling price in Japan of USD 115. Honestly, I have no idea if it's face, but anyway this is not what I bought that time. No matter if you're geek or not, you would love their products and this shop. If you have chance, go and see a bunch of cool gadgets in this shop.

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Photo 2: mobile juice pack plus selling at BDT 1000 (USD 12.6)

高木 昭博
著者: 高木 昭博バングラデシュでオフショア開発を行っています株式会社セームページ:
昨年度、経産省/HIDA 海外グローバル人材育成インターンプログラム (現 国際即戦力育成インターンシップ)で、バングラデシュへ6カ月滞在。 現地の企業を訪問する中で、雇用システムを変革すればバングラデシュの 経済成長を促進できるという思いで、現地日本名誉総領事と合資にてIT企業設立。 現在日本からIT業務の受託を行っている。今後、携帯電話求人情報ポータルサイトをバングラデシュで設立予定。