How to cope with mosquitoes


These days I see more mosquitoes than before as it's getting warmer.
Although I don't pay attenton to them in Japan, I do so in Bangadesh since Dengue (virus) is transmitted by several species of mosquito and there is no commercial availabale vacines for Dengue fever.
Similarly many foreigners are dealing with this matter in many ways.

Here is several tools that help you cope with mos
Firstly, I'd like to introduce "Odomos". This is sort of anti-mosquito body cream. The small one costs you 0.60~0.80USD.
When you're out particularly in the night, you can see thousands of mosquito right above your head.
I've once heard that mosquito in the night doesn't transmit Dengue, but not quite sure about it.
Anyway this cream is highly recommnded !

Furthermore, there are typical mosquito spray and electricity-powered spray available in Bangladesh.
I wouldn't recommend to buy the electricity-powed one just because it does not work out well.

Additonally, covering your bed with "mosquito net" is quite effective as well.
The good thing about mosquito net is totally chemical free.
I feel suspicious about the spray's effect to human body.
Though I can't live without it as it's incredibly effective to mosquito.
Also they have Mosquito killer looking like a tennis racket.
You might be able to see them in many restaurants.
I hope this blog is helpfull for those who'll visit Bangladesh.
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