Blog has been started in Bangladesh!


I just started this blog to describe my life in Bangladesh, how my internship has gone on and of course about Same Page Ltd.,. 



Have you ever heard of "Joomla!" ?


This is one of the most popular CMS here in Bangladesh.



That is why I made this blog by using Joomla! even though it took me few days to set it up on my laptop.


Anyhow, it's now working well.


Also I've found some open source templates that are cool enough. 


Considering that I can customise it in CSS on my own, Joomla! seems like quite useful tool to add some features on my blog.


But somehow Joomla! hasn't become a major tooll in Japan.


Frankly, Wordpress is the most known CMS in my home country.


However I chose Joomla! instead since I got some rumor that Wordress contains spam files. 


Believe it or not, I heard that the Website of Japan International Cooporation Agency, so called "JICA", was hacked soon after it was launched. 



So far I feel Wordpress is more for blog design, and Joomla! might be more dedicated tool as it has more templates for coporate website.


Hopefully I'll try to crate our own Joomla! templates when I'm use to it.

高木 昭博
著者: 高木 昭博バングラデシュでオフショア開発を行っています株式会社セームページ:
昨年度、経産省/HIDA 海外グローバル人材育成インターンプログラム (現 国際即戦力育成インターンシップ)で、バングラデシュへ6カ月滞在。 現地の企業を訪問する中で、雇用システムを変革すればバングラデシュの 経済成長を促進できるという思いで、現地日本名誉総領事と合資にてIT企業設立。 現在日本からIT業務の受託を行っている。今後、携帯電話求人情報ポータルサイトをバングラデシュで設立予定。