How to bargain the fee of local taxi in Bangladesh.


Time files so fast.



It has been 5 months since I came to Bangladesh. I want to share what I've learnt here, especially to those who has never been to Bangladesh. This time I pick the topic that is " How to bargain the fee of local taxi".



When you take a Rickshaw (human-powered trycycle) or CNG (a.k.a auto rickshaw: gas-powered three-wheeled cabin cycle), you whould have to negotiate the fee before you ride. 




So what to do if you don't want to have any problem ?



Just stare at driver's eyes and speak loud  !


Local language: 〇〇〇〇*Jaben !? *〇〇〇〇is destination.


English translation: Can you take me to 〇〇〇〇?



Say loud this sentence and step closer to the driver. As soon as he responses, no matter what he say, say loudly "ponchash taka" which means "50 BDT" (=0.60 USD) This amount is bit lower than avarage local fee so that it can make him feel that you know the local price. Most likely he will seek bit higher fee than what you proposed. If this works out, say "yes" to him and ride on it.

If not, I don't recommend to bargain again from that point. It'd better to try another driver. Once you get on the vehicle, show your apperication by saying him "Onek Donnobad" (Thank you very much).This makes both him and you feel much nicer. 



So this is how to bargain the fee of local taxi.



Sometimes drivers seek twice more than local average price. Then don't go for it or telling other people what just happened. Some kind driver might help you out. We are FOREIGNER. we'll never become a local. So don't bargain for 10 BDT (0.12USD). Be gentle !

Anyway, everything is alright if both him and you smile at the destination. Let's make peace from such moment.


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