Learning Japanese in Bangladesh


The relation between Bangladesh and Japan is very friendly. Bangladeshi people goes to Japan for various reasons such as study, job and business. There are many Japanese companies established in Bangladesh where Bangladeshi people are working. Nowadays many Bangladeshi people are learning Japanese language more than before. There are many Japanese language institutions in Bangladesh located mostly in Dhaka and Chittagong. These language schools also teaches about Japanese culture and society. Learning Japanese has become very important to communicate with the Japanese people in purpose of study, work and business. It also helps to increase the friendship. Many people from Bangladesh likes Japanese anime and manga. It makes them more familiar with Japanese language and its culture. To learn any language continuous practice is much needed. Though sometimes its difficult for the students to learn Japanese language in Bangladesh because there is lack of environment for practice. Most of the time the only scope they get to practice is in the classroom. When the language schools makes the classes interesting and enjoyable, more students gets eager to learn. To develop the proficiency, the students must study in a continuous basis. If the students are well determined then it’s possible to learn Japanese more easily. Knowing Japanese language is great for developing one’s career. Learning Japanese is very important for those people who has a target to go to Japan.  


To start learning Japanese at first the students must begin with learning the alphabet sets called Hiragana and Katakana. Then comes Kanji which is a very essential element in Japanese language. The Japanese writing system consists of these three parts. Memorising many Kanji gets a bit difficult for the students but they can get familiar with kanji after practicing and using for a long time. To develop the speaking skill, the students have to practice speaking with their teachers and friends.


After doing courses in language schools, the students can check their Japanese language skill by participating in Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). There are five levels of this test. They are N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. So, the students of preliminary level can participate on the N5 level. The other levels of JLPT test are for much higher skilled students. It is an international test which is held worldwide at the same day. In Bangladesh, this test is held in Dhaka.   


Nippon Academy is one of the well renowned and oldest Japanese language institutions of Chittagong. It was established in 1987 by Mr. Muhammad Nurul Islam who is the Honorary Consul General of Japan in Bangladesh. From the beginning to till now, thousands of students have been studying Japanese language here and many has gone to Japan for various purposes. Nippon Academy provides good multimedia facility for teaching Japanese language. The tutorial video and audio system makes it convenient for the students

著者: Shahed Alam