Jihad' spent a cold dark night trapped several hundred feet down the pipe of a tubewell in Bangladesh


It would be a miracle in every sense of the word if the boy trapped down a deep tube-well in Dhaka is rescued alive. There is no precedent of anyone being pulled out alive from so deep a well - believed to be several hundred feet deep - as the 4-year old is in.

Jihad' fell into the 14-inch wide pipe adjacent to a playground at the Shahjahanpur Railway Colony on Friday.
Last year, a 9-year-old boy fell into a 200-foot borewell in India's Rajasthan. Police and army could not rescue him even after 20 hours of efforts.

Fire service official Maj Shakil Newaz, leading Jihad's rescue, says they are trying to pull out the pipe. Jihad has responded to rescuers' cry. He has been supplied with oxygen and milk. However, Jihad is becoming less responsive as time passes. Rescuers have arranged for light inside the well and are trying to send a camera down there.


In 2006, 6-year-old Prince was rescued two days after falling into a 60-feet well in India's Haryana.

Rescuers called off their 23-hour long search around 2:30pm on Saturday but locals refused to give up. They finally pulled out Jihad around 3pm but by then he was dead. Doctors at the Dhaka Medical College and Hospital said the child had died several hours before he was taken there. Contractor firm SR House that was installing the new tube-well has been blacklisted.
Railways Senior Deputy Assistant Engineer Jahangir Alam, in charge of the project, was dismissed on Friday. After Jihad's rescue, authorities welded the pipe's entrance.
 In future, everyone should be warned about not happening this again and again. And if it happens then immediate steps we should take and we must have proper trainings or machines.


Reference:  Bdnews

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