Nationwide power outage in Bangladesh


Bangladesh is considered one of the most energy-poor nations, with one of the lowest per capita electricity consumption  rates in the world. More than a third of Bangladesh's 166 million people still have no access to electricity, while the country often is able to produce only some of its 11,500-megawatt generation capacity.Power outages blamed on old grid infrastructure and poor management are common in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh has tried to improve its energy situation, extending access to electricity to about 3.45 million more people since 2008. Last year, it started to import electricity from India through the 400-kilovolt transmission line, which runs from Baharampur in the Indian state of West Bengal to the town of Bheramara in southwestern Bangladesh.

Fig:  importing electricity from India

Bangladesh suffered a countrywide blackout 1st October 2014,Saturday after a failure at a power station that feeds
electricity imported from neighboring India into the national grid, senior Bangladeshi power officials said.Electricity
failed across the country of 150 million people at about noon local time. As night fell Saturday, power still hadn’t been

Fig: power failure of saturday

After an evening spent in the dark, most of the residents of Dhaka, the capital of more than 10 million people, got
electricity back on by 1 a.m. Sunday, said Mohammad Nasir Uddin, a control room official of the Dhaka Power Distribution
Co. Power was restored in other major cities too, but it was not clear how many people were still without electricity.

Fig: power failure of saturday

People in Dhaka, the capital, rushed to buy candles and queued at gas stations to buy fuel.Dhaka's hospitals and the
international airport continued to operate after the blackout Saturday with emergency generators. But many offices
normally open had to send their employees home.

The last time the country had suffered a similar widespread blackout was when Cyclone Sidr knocked out the power grid,
leaving most of the country in darkness for days.

Fig: cyclone disaster


Fig: cry for food, water

It also has signed agreements with energy companies in Russia, Japan, China and the United States to build power plants
and improve energy infrastructure.

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