[Bangladesh Building Collapse] Woman workers attended the job with life risk in the morning


The 9-story building where garment factories were located is no longer seen by any single people. At the moment (2013.5.3), persons killed accounts for over 500in the devastated accident happend in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

Here is summarlalized report by a friend of mine, one of  journalists from Banglaesh.

Photo: retrieved from cnn.co.jp

the Garment building name is Rana Plaza. 9th floor building. but it had permission till 6th floor from municipal authority . From our view, the guilty is the owner of RANA Plaza since he made 9th floor by violating permission of 9th floor. But our question why then Govt authority did not sue this owner due to his building code violation ? because Govt Authority has been managed by him somehow either politically or financially Rana had sat at the nexus of party politics and the powerful $20 billion garment industry that drives the economy of this deeply impoverished nation.. Whatever the reason, it means Govt authority is also liable besides Mr Rana. That is the first point . 2nd is that day before the accident , already it was seen building broken for which Brac bank withdraw their offices from there one day before the accident completely . But Garments owner did not shift. The owner told there will be no accident . they push all of their employees to come in the factory to attend office . for this all 3 garments owner pushed their workers either attend the office or fire from job. So you know the condition of workers. So they attend the job with life risk in the morning. after the collapse investigation says , there were many heavy machinery in the each floors for which extra load the capacity could not take. For this reasons , building collapse. also others say the land was not solid soil. it was muddy or something like pond area before building . Land filling was not properly for which building foundation was weak . From experts view, the guilty is the Govt Authority since they did not monitor from beginning of building construction and finally during collapse nobody monitor it had 6th floor permission but it is 9th floor. Rana is guilty, garments owner is guilty among all Govt officers & Politicians are guilty since they gave shelter them to build and maintain such building .


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