Back ground of strike in Bangladesh.


I am really interested in current situation in Bangladesh. around 50 people was killed in Bangladesh in recently. My friend is one of Bangladesh person in his own business, who written explanation for this blog about that.

Let's begin to understand current situation in Bangladesh.

Actually about the issues at present nation is divided into two bloc. So , if your writing goes to one side, definitely other side.

definitely other side will take it against them


the issue starts from 1971

Before 1947 the country was under the British rule

 after that the subcontinent divided into two parts

 in one part Pakistan and another part India

the subcontinent divided in these two parts just on the basis of religion. It means the majority Muslim country will be Pakistan and Majority Hinduism country will be India

 during that period many many people killed, became homeless due to religion clash .

The Pakistan was formed at that time by East Pakistan( Bangladesh) and West Pakistan ( Present Pakistan)

Since both region major religion was Islam

But the Cabinet location , govt administration was in West Pakistan.

Since Govt Administration , Finance control, budget, Ministers, Police, Army all head quarter was in Pakistan after 1947 so by naturally West Pakistan people mentality was to dominate East Pakistan People in terms of JObs, education, development fund allocation, socially etc

however since both region language was different so Govt think at that time to make one language will be the country language.

So since West Pakistan people speaks in Urdu so that Govt tried to impose this language as the mother tounge on the East Pakistan

 But the students of East Pakistan told we dont accept it

 East Pakistan students then showed agitation against West Pakistan due to imposing on Urdu as the mother language even in East Pakistan too

 However West Pakistan police was ordered to fire on the demonstration of the students

and they did it at Dhaka University when students were showing agitation to govt .

the demand of the students were Bangla will be our (east pakistan) mother language and urdu for west.

and policed open fire on the students on 1952 ,21s feb and 5 students died .
in the world history , thus created the history that Fighting for the Language is happened only in the region and it is for establishment of the Bangla.
However later Unisef declared the 21st as the mother language


this was the starting .
at that time in East Pakistan Najor party was two.

One is Muslim League
and another was Awami League .

From 1952 to 1971 many history.

could not write shorly.

Then 1971 in 7th march, the chief of the Awami Leage Bangubandu Sheik Mujubur Rahman has given a very historical speech to all people of the East Pakistan

Where he indicated to get ready for the freedom fighting but clearly not mentioned any direction . It was sparking speech against west Pakistan

 However in 25th March , West Pakistan arrested him .

and killed many many people at night by their Army in East Pakistan.
and next days 26 the March , from Chittagong Karlurghat , Radio Transmission Center

Ex-President Ziaur Rahman declared from today we will go for freedom fighting against West Pakistan.

On behalf of Bangbondu, he declared and call for freedom fighting on that day .
and everywhere from Navy, police, army, public adminstration all Bangladeshi came from West pakistan. and

 they took oath to fight against West Pakistan Army due to mass killing of East pakistan people on 1971, 25th march.

 and thus the freedom fighting started and it was lasting till 16 December.

Well , in this situation , since here was two major party.

Muslim leag and Awami leg at that time

 so divided into two

Muslim leg was the favaour to West Pakistan

 and Awami leg was the founder party during liberation against West Pakistan.

Present Jamate Islami is also there at that time.
but their supporters were minority .

But Bangladesh Jamat founder leaders are the close to West Pakistan Army.
However , after the liberation country was free from West Pakistan.
and got the name Bangladesh on the basis of language

Bangla = Language
 Desh= country


after 1971 bangbondu free from West Pakistan jail and returned to country

from 1971-1975 he was the ruller.

at that time he declared forgiveness to all who were against freedom fighting by his big heart.
but at that time the friends, relatives and leaders of Awami leg

became very tyrant to country people . they committed many murders, abduction , thief here against country people.

Bangbondu himself was very annoyed on this even against his party men

 He told once in a meeting

after the liberation , leader gets various mine like gold mine, etc etc .

but I got a mine of Thieves around me.

so at that time people day by day was turning against Awami leg people but could not do nothing . since all power were to them.

in 1975 , 15 august

the some army officers killed the father of the nation bangbondu Sheik mujibur rahman and his whole family .

defineitly it was a brutal accident of our country history after 25 march 1971.

then the power went to another person Kondokar mostak
then again after some events came Major General Ziaur Rahman who was the Army Chief at that time.

he took the power. and to established his power he also killed many army officers who might be against him during .Major General Ziaur Rahman founded BNP 1978.

and he also allowed all west Pakistan friends to come in the country at that time.

 so all leaders of Jamat who were outside in the country returned to the country

However , the founder of Ziaur Rahman was also killed

by other Army officers in 1981, 30 May in Chittagong Circuit House.

Chittagong Circuit house is beside the Chittagong club and beside opposite of Chittagong stadium.

his history you will find at the museum too .

however, after that the return of the leaders who were close to Pakistan make stronger their party which now known Jamat Shibir party


however then came in the power another army chief the present founders of Jatiya party Ershad

he was in the power from 1981 -1990

then another agitation happened against him during 1990

at that time also killed some people by Army .

 that was another blood shed history.

well then after that he was bound to give election in 1991. and BNP Won

they were in the power till 1996 and then after the election came the awmi leg

then they were in power till 2001

after the election again BNP came in the power in association with Jamat

hey were in the power till 2007

then two years were by caretaker govt ( Non political party ) in power

again election came

from 2009 Awamig leg starts is journey for the 3rd time.

and this time before the election , the agenda was

they will arrest all 1971 war criminals.

and under that process a year back they arrested the present top leaders of Jamat

and thus it starting the present sparks source.
The followers of the Jamat is demanding their leaders did not commit mass killing during 1971.

The followers are telling their leaders are captured by Aawmileg only for political reasons . means Awami leg wants be only one party in the country according to their leaders and speechs.
however aami leg created War tribunal committee

and in the War Tribunal Committee the final declaration came against the leaders of the jamat .

the verdict was against their top couple of leaders

and verdict says highest sentence that is death penalty to one of their top leaders.

and just after the declaration of their leader death penalty, all the followers of the Jamat came out in the roads to show their agitation , demonstration against Awamig leg Govt.

and Govt ordered to control the peace and order to his police.

But Police quantity is not much compare to demonstrators .

in Chittagong Satkania 3 days police stations is surrounded by the Jamat people

because Police is there only 15

and followers of jamat in a vilagge more than 1000

and they all sourrunded the station

and by thus clash starts between police and jamat followers

and Polices is firing the Jamat leaders

and Jamat leaders are also fighting against police.

the situation became more spark when BNP leader Begum Khaleda zia in this Friday delcared they supports Jamat too .

and yesterday starts massive fighting between BNP+ Jamat VS Police + Leg.

 thus the country clearly divided into two parts .

we dont know where it will end now. So just to wait and see.


till today this is the update situation .



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