When I back in Japan


About a week ago I got back Japan after internship program for half a year. How am I going to feel and think of Japan after the experience in Bangladesh. From objective perspective that I have gained for the last 6 months, I could see both pros and cons of my home country. What I want to say is that I appreciate all those who told me about the internship program and supported me during the period.

How I define the gap between Japan and Bangladesh

Basically there are certain gap between Japan and Bangladesh in almost every matter. One of the reason I can think of is that Japan has been seeking for the best of quality and efficiency which is made out of capitalism. This is why I somehow notice negative gap in other countries. For instance, when I was in Bangladesh, I wondered why people there cannot keep focus properly when they take photo.

In the end I felt those kind of things is greatly relied on my health and emotional condition. This is what I have learned up until now. Whenever I was in hard time, the circumstance has also been changed in negative way. To me, being health both mentally and physically is the highest priority. I think I can say this to those who desire to work on development of developing countries. Considering my experiences, tiny changes could get bigger when you are out of your home country. Possibly you could lose your willingness towards your strong wishes that brings you to that particular country. So I strongly recommend you to find some sort of distraction wherever you are. For example I began playing tennis and doing surfing in Bangladesh which has become my hobby even now. Through those distraction you could also get to know local people, so that I can have deeper understanding of the country where they are from.

For your information

This is the link to the map of Bangkok International Airport where you can find a smoking area.


As far as I know, there are 2 smoking areas. One is at departure gate A2 in Departures on 2nd floor. Another is at the departure gate C1.

Last week in Bangkok International airport, I found several people who looked for smoking area. It seemed like the area is hard to find. Even though I don't care how this information is going to be helpful, I post this just because of that event.

高木 昭博
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昨年度、経産省/HIDA 海外グローバル人材育成インターンプログラム (現 国際即戦力育成インターンシップ)で、バングラデシュへ6カ月滞在。 現地の企業を訪問する中で、雇用システムを変革すればバングラデシュの 経済成長を促進できるという思いで、現地日本名誉総領事と合資にてIT企業設立。 現在日本からIT業務の受託を行っている。今後、携帯電話求人情報ポータルサイトをバングラデシュで設立予定。