Custom-made leather bag



A couple of month ago, I ordered a custom-made leather bag to local business person who does businesses with a bag factory in Bangladesh. Designed by my wife, the bag is quite functional as of those pockets in which you can keep an electronic dictionary, a card case and a laptop. The bottom of the ordered bag is expandable and I make the shoulder belt tight so that it looks cooler as well as functional.With considerable help by the business person, who is a branch manager of Japanese company, my first original bag cost me 63.3 US Dollar ( I paid only manufacturing cost).




 I can say that I could have this experience because I was in Bangladesh. As I brought the article about tailor made suit, you could make many of your only one in Bangladesh.
 Furthermore, if lot size is more than 500 pieces and you use artificial leather instead of natural leather, one bag would cost you 19 US Dollar.


Same Page Limited could let you meet our partner companies in Bangladesh. If you are interested in making any leather bags, contact us through the comment box below.

高木 昭博
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