What's from Business Trip to dhaka


One day in Dhaka I had lunch with two women who were doing internship there.   
One of the women who I met for the first time is an intern attached at Grameen Bank, and another one is doing an internship at a local consulting firm.

I was so much impressed by their outstanding ambition that brought the girls to Bangladesh. Additionally the fact that several companies provide such opportunities to youths in Japan is remarkable. Hopefully more youths will become much more eager to cross boarder.

For your information, the spaghetti I had in Koyla was yummy! Koyla is a restaurant serves Indian and continental food in Banani area (Average Price:USD6/person). To be honest, I expected to be served some sort of ketchup  noodle, unlike spaghetti that I have known. The expectation was just anxiety, though.



Photo1&2: Taken at US Trade Fair held in Ruposhi Bangla Hotel, Dhaka.

The day after, I visited US Trade Fair in Ruposhi Bangla Hotel and took a look around what they sell such as supplements and cosmetic products.

Very close from the 5-star hotel, Dhaka University (DU) is located. The reason I visited there is to see a DU student who built a web service "Future Start Up". He, through this web service, try to connect young entrepreneur and investor in Bangladesh. At the place where a number of young people gather for their justice, we had a discussion to exchange opinions each other regarding our business ideas (To be expanded further on another day).

Let me put on some of my findings from the afternoon.
What's interesting is, out of 20% of fresh graduate students of DU who go abroad after their graduation, 5-8% of the 20% begin working abroad. Since I heard that 20-30% of University Graduates of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) go abroad right after their graduation, I undoubtedly imagined most of them go for work rather than study.

What kind of job do they get abroad? I incidentally got an example on the way to Chittagong from Dhaka.
The gentleman I met in the train told me that the starting salary of Bangladeshi IT engineer in England would be USD 1,012 . The man who spent over 13 years in England added in third year the salary would raise to USD 3,037. Considering the starting salary of University graduates from DU which is USD 506, absolutely it is easy to think of people desire grab the doubled money. Although the starting salary is relatively low considering the living standard in England, they get through the tough life by relying on their relatives in England. The fact is unfortunately 60-70% of those who go abroad for their dream after graduation are expected to back to Bangladesh three years later.

Furthermore, More Japanese companies are expected to be seen in Bangladesh. After examining competitive labor market in Bangladesh, I think those Japanese entrants need to provide incentives to employees in order to acquire excellent human resource. Salary system and welfare facilities  are must be consolidated for sure.

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