Back ground of strike in Bangladesh.

I am really interested in current situation in Bangladesh. around 50 people was killed in Bangladesh in recently. My friend is one of Bangladesh person in his own business, who written explanation for this blog about that.

Let's begin to understand current situation in Bangladesh.

Actually about the issues at present nation is divided into two bloc. So , if your writing goes to one side, definitely other side.

definitely other side will take it against them


the issue starts from 1971

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When I back in Japan

About a week ago I got back Japan after internship program for half a year. How am I going to feel and think of Japan after the experience in Bangladesh. From objective perspective that I have gained for the last 6 months, I could see both pros and cons of my home country. What I want to say is that I appreciate all those who told me about the internship program and supported me during the period.

How I define the gap between Japan and Bangladesh

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What's from Business Trip to dhaka

One day in Dhaka I had lunch with two women who were doing internship there.   
One of the women who I met for the first time is an intern attached at Grameen Bank, and another one is doing an internship at a local consulting firm.

I was so much impressed by their outstanding ambition that brought the girls to Bangladesh. Additionally the fact that several companies provide such opportunities to youths in Japan is remarkable. Hopefully more youths will become much more eager to cross boarder.

For your information, the spaghetti I had in Koyla was yummy! Koyla is a restaurant serves Indian and continental food in Banani area (Average Price:USD6/person). To be honest, I expected to be served some sort of ketchup  noodle, unlike spaghetti that I have known. The expectation was just anxiety, though.


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Custom-made leather bag


A couple of month ago, I ordered a custom-made leather bag to local business person who does businesses with a bag factory in Bangladesh. Designed by my wife, the bag is quite functional as of those pockets in which you can keep an electronic dictionary, a card case and a laptop. The bottom of the ordered bag is expandable and I make the shoulder belt tight so that it looks cooler as well as functional.With considerable help by the business person, who is a branch manager of Japanese company, my first original bag cost me 63.3 US Dollar ( I paid only manufacturing cost).




 I can say that I could have this experience because I was in Bangladesh. As I brought the article about tailor made suit, you could make many of your only one in Bangladesh.
 Furthermore, if lot size is more than 500 pieces and you use artificial leather instead of natural leather, one bag would cost you 19 US Dollar.


Same Page Limited could let you meet our partner companies in Bangladesh. If you are interested in making any leather bags, contact us through the comment box below.

Where to get Tailor made suit & MAC

Today I want to introduce two shops in Chittagong.

1. BADO SAHEB (Tailor shop) @ Sanmar Ocean City

Located beside entrance of the parking slot of Sanmar Ocean City (popular shopping mall near GEC circle), A number of customers are coming to BADO SAHEB every day. My fashionable friend is a customer of this shop, so that my colleague and I decided to buy tailored made suit for the first time in my life. One tailored made suit costs BDT 14,420 (USD 182). Take a look at the photo below. How do you find these suits they tailored? My colleague and I are quite happy about the finishing.

Furthermore, the seller Mr. Allauddin is quite gentle and provides dedicated customer service. According to him, on the same day we bought suits, one Japanese buyer came to the shop and ordered 6 pieces of shirt.

2. Mac System Solutions (Shop @ Yunusco Center, Office @ Andelklira)

Need to repair your MAC book or buy MAC software? Mac System Solutions will manage whatever about Mac or Apple products. Once they help me out when I get stuck while reinstalling Mac OS on my MAC book. Other than that, they set up desktop PC and sell many kinds of MAC related goods.