How to use

このエントリーをはてなブックマークに追加 is a great a site to make animated video easily for business and other purposes. You can use the trial version for 14 days. You can use by payment for making and using the video officially.


  1. At first you have to sign up at the website.
  2. Have a good look with the instructions and tutorial video in the home page.
  3. After signing up, click on ‘Make a video’.

4. Then first you can click on ‘Watch tutorial’ to see how to start making video.

5. There are many themes which you can select according to your choice.

6. After selecting one theme you will get a page of the platform with all the elements that are needed to create the animated video.

7. On the left side, there options of templates, characters, props, texts, vidgets and sound.



8. Select the options and you can find more option to under that selected option.

9. On the left side of the screen you can find the pictures of the objects.

10. After choosing a picture of character or object, just click it or you can drag it to the main screen part in the middle.

11. You can find single or individual objects in the ‘Props’ option. 


12. You can also search objects or anything by writing the names in the ‘search’ option on the left side of the screen. 

13. Have a good look on the template options to choose your desired location, scenes and more. 

14. You can change the body actions of the any character. After clicking on it, many actions will appear on the left side of the screen. There are many options with names of different categories and situations. Then there is an option for changing the face expression also. 

15. To add voice to the character, click on the ‘Dialog’ option. You can add by using microphone and also by uploading audio files. In ‘Enter/exit’ option, you can find options to add motion, time duration etc.


16. To change the position of the objects and the characters on the frame, you can select it and drag.  

17. You can add music and sound effects in the video from the ‘Sound’ option.

18. To add a new scene, click on ‘Add scene’ or click on the ‘+’ sign on the below part of the screen.


19. In ‘Scene settings’ option, you can add scene duration time, effects, narration and compose.

20. After making many scenes, if you want to change the scene positions, you can drag the small scene icons right or left side on the below part of the screen. You can even change the time duration by sliding the edge of the small screen icons.


21. After completing all the scenes of the story, you can have look to the preview of finished work by clicking the ‘Preview’ option.

22. To save the video, click on the ‘Save’ option on the top right side.

23. To watch your saved videos you have to go the homepage and click on ‘Your account’, then ‘Your videos’.


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