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about Jesus you will enter. Are you a true<a href=""> ciieztn</a>????//I'm a true<a href=""> ciieztn</a> of India and I know my limits to enter the problems of others (my fellow Indians). I'm not pouring any oil and I'm not scolding any religion by using this chance. So if I scold like you then only I can become a true<a href=""> ciieztn</a> of India? If so according to your word I'm not a good<a href=""> ciieztn</a>.//All the bad words in this world are formed to scold ANTONY the idiot.//I'm taking this word with a broader mind coz I'm still thinking you are a brother to this idiot.//You people are saying that Jesus reborn on Easter. If so where is he now? Jesus is not God. He jus did some magics among people. and developed a religion. Many kings altered Bible content per their wish. All are stupid stuff.//Jesus is not reborn. Jesus has raised from the dead and he has gone to heaven on the 40th day. If you dont know abt bible pls dont give wrong sentence. I'm not criticizing that Raman is not a God and so and also no one here But U R just criticizing that Jesus is not a God and keep on spitting on it. This shows your maturity level. I'm not going to criticize on Hinduism as u did against us. I'm still giving respect to your at the end I'm just repeating your words //There are many auspicious/foolish beliefs in all religions. All religions are equally good and worse.Be a human Atfirst and respect others as well.// Just read your own words against your comments.My God Bless You and Your Family.